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© 2020 David Crews


This Broken Shore (2020) “The Mermaid 6”  (FORTHCOMING)

Poets of the Palisades (2020), "The Mermaid 5"  (FORTHCOMING)

US-1 Worksheets (2020) "The Mermaid 10"  (FORTHCOMING)

Porcupine Literary (2020) "Open Letter to My Students

Rewilding Earth (2020) “Ecotone” 

This Broken Shore (2019) “The Mermaid 8”

Paterson Literary Review (2019) "Sitting on the Floor at Poets House" (2018 Allen Ginsberg Awards Honorable Mention) 

Journal of New Jersey Poets (2019) “To Speak”

US-1 Worksheets (2019) "To Dive"

Pif Magazine (2019) "Lovers of Eternal Spring" “The Mermaid 2

IthacaLit (2018) "At Neue Galerie, New York"

This Broken Shore (2018) “History Lessons 1” and “The Mermaid 4”

Canary (2018) “Across the Lake 3

Cider Press Review (2018) “This Song 2

Journal of New Jersey Poets (2018) “Bird Calls, Last Spring”

Gutter Magazine (2018) “Purple Martin”

The Curlew (2018) “Hike over Raccoon Ridge”

Tiferet (2017) “To Return”

The Piedmont Journal (2017) “The Mermaid 1,” “Across the Lake 2,” "Across the Lake 6,” Bird Calls 2
Flightpath (2017) "Bird Calls 1"

Adanna Literary Journal (2017) “Lover’s Before”

Lime Hawk Journal  (2017) “Saltmarsh Sparrow

Bird's Thumb (2017) "Across the Lake 3"
Voices from Here (2017) "Bird Calls 4" and "Across the Lake 4"
Stoneboat Literary Journal (2017) "History Lessons 2"
Edison Literary Review (2017) "History Lessons"

Atticus Review (2017) "Hike to Bird, Rattlesnake Mountain
L'Amour Fou (2015) "Hike to Sunfish Pond"
Adriondac (2015) "The Upper Great Range"
Adirondack Peeks (2015) "Fourteen High Peak Facts"  
Arc Poetry Magazine (2015) "Slides"
Stone Canoe (2015) "Water"
Blueline (2014) "Algonquin"
The Wayfarer (2013) "Big Slide" and "The Santanonis" 
The Adirondack Review (2013) "Gothics via Orebed Brook
5AM (2013) "Hiking at Night"
Wisconsin Review (2013) "Glass"
US-1 Worksheets (2013) "I Was Light Enough to Toss Myself Around the Room"  
(Pushcart Prize Nominee)
5AM (2013) "Meditations on Egocentrism and Apologies"
Berkeley Poetry Review (2012) "The Hole in My Heart Is So Big, Room Enough
 for the Sky to Pass Through"
Paterson Literary Review (2012) "Even Now"  
(2010 Allen Ginsberg Awards Honorable Mention)
Poetry South (2012) "Interlude"
The Southeast Review (2011) "Silence" 
Tar River Poetry (2011) "Making Analogies in English Class"
The Carolina Quarterly (2011) "These Stories"
The Adirondack Review (2011) "Touch"   
(2010 46er Prize for Poetry Finalist)
Tipton Poetry Journal (2011) "The Other Man"  (Pushcart Prize Nominee)
The New Guard (2010) "Morning"  (2011 Knightville Poetry Prize Finalist)

Oberon Poetry Magazine (2010) "Glass like Love"
The Greensboro Review (2010) "Song"
Edison Literary Review (2009) "April Poem"

Exit 13 (2009) "Arriving Home"
Voices from Here (2009) "Driving North," "Reading Roethke's 'The Far Field'"




The Stillwater Review (2020) "Preservation, and the Lyric

The HOPPER (2019) "On Wilderness: Rethinking Climate Crisis"

ARTS By the People (2019) "The Book As Art"

SAGE Magazine Online (2018) "Retreat, and a Voice for Wilderness"

Adirondack Wilderness Advocates (2018) "On Russell M.L. Carson and Peaks and People of the Adirondacks"

The Record (2018) “On Poetry and Honesty

Platform Review (2017) "Presence, Birding, Hiking in the Woods"
English Journal of New Jersey (2016) "On Standardization in Schools, Remembering the Student
The Adirondack Review (2013) "The Seducing Voyeur in Mark Smith-Soto's Splices

Journal of New Jersey Poets (2013) "What's Lost in Priscilla Orr's Losing the Horizon"

Adanna Literary Journal: A Collection of Contemporary Love Poems (2012) "On Love Poetry"

The Adirondack Review (2011) "Space and Distances in Jericho Brown's Please

Spectrum (2011) "On Voice: The Art of Mimicry"​


NorthWind Fine Arts Gallery (2020) Poetry-Visual Art Collaboration: David Crews reads "Monarchs"

Perennials Podcast (2019) "Episode 26: The Nature of Presence with David Crews"

Atticus Review (2019) "In Conversation with David Crews About His Lyrical Essays on the Adirondacks"

North Country Public Radio (2019) Todd Moe: "Interview with David Crews"

exhibitA (2019) Podcast with artist and wilderness advocate, David Crews

Platform Reading Series (2018) Featured reader: David Crews

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